How to pronounce Ægir? 

Well depending where you look, you will find several ways, but an article I read some time back, made the point of saying, as the old Norse language is a dead language, no one can really know for sure. In Iceland they say it as ( eee – geer ) another Scandinavian pronunciation was (  arh- gear ) and in English it is said as (A-Gar) . Ægir was a god of the sea in Norse mythology, and seemed fitting for a dive watch brand.

Where are Aegir Watches made?

Well, glad you asked! We make nothing ourselves as of yet, but that is  going to change as the company grows. Putting the watch together using component makers, I simply looked in Germany and Switzerland only. The brief for these companies were, ” everything you make, make sure it is made in-house from local steel” and that is what we got. Cases are made in Germany, first cut by wire erosion in the same town where they are machined. The crowns, tubes, and crystals  including the seals and gaskets, are also German.  The helium valve in the case however is Swiss.  The dials are made in Germany, the hands are Swiss and of course the Swiss made mechanical movement. The straps are Italian, and if you have our leather, that is handmade in the UK. Watches are assembled in Germany, and the LE watches are assembled in Switzerland.

Where did the design come from?

I had help, lots of it. The original concept came from me while sitting in a dive bell in the North Sea, waiting for the divers on the bottom to return, and then during decompression, off and on over a period of almost a year. I had those turned into drawings on a pdf document, as my drawing skills are not as good as my diving. From those, I had help from a watch forum member, and using other designs also to illustrate what I was chasing, and it quickly took shape and turned out as I had envisioned back in the dive bell.


701 meters, the deepest dive ever made. It was a chamber dive (dry dive) done in 1992 by Theo Mavrostomos breathing hydreliox in a Comex system. It deserves a mention in my opinion, and as these depths are not commercially viable,  depth ratings of 1000m, 2000, 3900m and so on, is marketing only. Sure, an over engineered watch is great, the case of the Aegir CD-2 for example is a 1000m design, but having a watch that goes to 2000m or more, does not make it better quality, just heavier!  701m will be used on all Aegir diving watches, with or without helium valves. I like to think  it brings a little attention to bold feats, as that dive was, and some normality back to WR ratings that try to imply the watch must be better, because it can go to xxxx depth, which is not possible for humans anyway and quite simply not the case.

Soprod A10?

With ETA stopping supply to outside watch companies, it has had some impact on movement supply in the industry. It will become more apparent in the future as well, as those companies with stock run short, and brokers can not supply the same finish or grade. The Soprod is not just an alternative, it is a top quality Swiss mechanical movement that is equal to any ETA movement. I was fortunate to hear of Soprod awhile ago, and establish a relationship with them. Soprod is starting to appear in some nice brands now, and you will see a lot more of them in the future as very few companies actually make their own movements, and now is this segment Soprod has to be the top pick. It is also an easy movement to work on for any watchmaker that paid attention during his training, and parts will always be available and easy to source should they be needed.

New models? 

The CD-1 is coming, the SD-1 will replace the CD-2 which has a limited run as our first offering. Once we establish ourselves well, have some retail presence, a few more models will appear, but for Aegir, it is more important to offer a few great ones, than heaps of good ones.


Fedex or other courier. Aegir charges $100 and we pay the difference, approx $65. Low volume, size of the package and weight means we pay quite a bit.


We have used Paypal only at request, as the fees have been high, and the rest have been either bank transfer or credit card though we now accept it, as some prefer it over credit card. Our card processing is actually not done on our site, but rather on our Banks site, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, so we have no card details other than the transaction information, so you can be assured that no card numbers are seen by anyone other than the Bank itself.   If a customer wants to pay another way, sure, just contact us via the form on the website or phone, and we can look at it.

Transferable Warranty?

Sure, you should have a warranty on an item you buy for its warranty period, whether your the original buyer or the 10th buyer. Aegir Watches gives 2 years on the watch, and 1 year on the movement, as this can be effected by knocks and extremes. I am pretty flexible though, and if I can help, I always will.

Why so expensive?

Well its not really, price of doing business in Europe and the production costs on low volume runs are very high, when you make them use German steel. You get what you pay for though. There is also the added benefit of exclusivity as well, specially with a CD-2, as no more than 100 will be made.

 I am concerned about spares in the future, how do I know you will be around?

No one ever knows of course. Basically the chance of needing a new case is almost nil, and the rest is either fairly standard in size, or from 3rd parties like the movement (of which there will be millions) or can easily be made. Aegir has spares for the current model, that would last many many years, and we will for each new model. Movements can easily be sourced should one be needed in 20 years or so, seals and gaskets are of a standard size, crystals are easy enough to have one made at reasonable cost, so there really is no risk of a part that can not be obtained in the future.