What must I do to ensure that my Aegir watch provides me with excellent service for many years?

Magnetic Fields: avoid placing your watch on loudspeakers or refrigerators, as they can generate powerful magnetic fields.

Shocks: try to avoid any heavy shocks or jolts to the watch.

Sea Water: after swimming or diving in the sea, always rinse your watch with fresh water.

Screw Down Crown: ensure crown is screwed down to prevent entry of water into the mechanism.

Cleaning: use soapy water and a small brush, followed by a soft cloth for drying.

Water Resistance: a watches water resistance cannot be permanently guaranteed. It may be affected by ageing of the seals and gaskets or a shock to the crown. Aegir Watches recommends that your watch is checked for its water resistance capabilities every two years.

Chemicals: avoid direct contact with solvents and other chemicals, as these can cause damage to the seals, gaskets and straps.


Winding the watch: Your Aegir CD-2 and CD-1 have screw down crowns. The purpose of the screw down crown is to protect the watch from water ingress with the use of a thread and o-ring seals.
To unscrew the crown, rotate it to the left and, once unscrewed, it will automatically assume position 1. This position is also the winding position for your watch and you can manually wind the watch by hand.
You may now wind the crown clockwise and after just a few turns the watch will start. However, it is best to wind the watch approximately 30 turns to achieve maximum accuracy and power reserve of 42 hours when not being worn.
Your Aegir CD-2 and CD-1 have automatic mechanical movements and, by wearing the watch, the movement of your wrist will keep the watch wound.

Setting the date: Pull out the crown to position 2 and rotate the crown anti clockwise until the desired date is found.

Setting the time: Pull out the crown to position 3 and this will stop the movement.
You may now rotate the crown either direction to set the time and on pushing the crown back to position 1 it will start the second hand.
It is worth noting that the date change takes place at 24:00 hours when setting your watch as there is no AM/PM indicator.

Screw down crown: Once finished setting the time, date and winding of your watch, the crown must be returned to the closed position. From position 1 slowly wind the crown clockwise while exerting a gentle inward pressure on the crown to engage the threads and continue winding until the crown stops. Do not over tighten, as this can damage the threads and o-ring seals, compromising the water resistance of your watch.

Servicing: Every component of an Aegir watch has been chosen for its quality and construction.

However, some parts will always be subject to wear and therefore important to keep lubricated correctly. Aegir recommends a service every 4 years to ensure trouble free running of your watch.

A certified Aegir agent should only carry out the servicing of an Aegir watch.

For contact details of your nearest center, please contact Aegir Watches
Tel: +61 405052901


Aegir Watches Limited International Warranty

Your Aegir watch is warranted by Aegir Watches Pty Ltd for a period of twenty four months (24) from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this warranty.
The International Aegir warranty covers material and manufacturing defects over the 24 month warranty period.
The warranty only comes into force if the warranty card is dated, signed and stamped by an official Aegir dealer.
During the warranty period and by presenting the valid warranty card, you will have the right to have any defect repaired free of charge. In the event that repairs are unable to restore the normal condition of the watch, a replacement of indention characteristics will be made.

The warranty of the replacement will also carry a full 24 month warranty.

This warranty is fully transferable, meaning the watch is warranted for 24 months, not just the original purchaser as long as a valid warranty card, signed, stamped and dated by an official Aegir dealer, is produced.


Any service or repair done during this 24 month warranty period, not carried out by an authorised Aegir service center will void all warranty on the watch.
Removing the case back for any reason, done by a non authorised Aegir service center, will void the warranty.

This Manufacture’s Warranty does not cover:
»» normal wear and tear and ageing. Alteration of the colour and/or material of non metallic straps such as leather or rubber.
»» any damage on any part of the watch resulting from abnormal/abusive use, lack of care, negligence, accidents (knocks, dents,
crushing, broken crystal, etc.), incorrect use of watch or non observance of the operating instructions provided.
»» the Aegir watch handled by non-authorised persons or which has been altered from its original condition beyond Aegir Watches control.

Governing law:

The Aegir Watches Pty Ltd 24 month International Warranty will be governed by the laws of Australia .
The above is manufacture’s warranty
»» is independent of any warranty that may be provided by the seller, for which, they carry sole responsibility.
»» Aegir Watches Pty Ltd’s obligation is strictly limited to repair or replacement.

Making a warranty claim:

In the event of an issue with your Aegir watch, covered in the 24 month limited warranty, please first contact Aegir Watches for instructions on how
to proceed.