Metta Catharina strap

The Metta Catharina leather straps we have were destined for the CD-2 LE watch only, but a different buckle than originally planned is going to be used, meaning the diameter of the pin holding the buckle to the strap, no longer fits. The current stock were made to fit 1.5 to 2mm screw bar, which is found on the Panerai style V buckles for instance, and can not be altered, so I am now selling the current stock to make room for the new ones. There is very little of this leather left anywhere, and once it is gone, it can never be replaced. The smell is unique, the history is amazing, and the handmade workmanship using only traditional tools is is very fine work indeed. There are 14 of these only. The straps all have a calf skin lining and are 24/24mm with no taper.

Sizes are

130×85  sold out

125×80 sold out

120×75   sold out


Have a few straps from the now cancelled LE watch that are made for the Ennebi roller buckle. see this article ,

Contact us if your interested in one of those, there are still a few left in the larger sizes, but no 120×75

Prices shown are export prices, and 10% GST will be added inside Australia.

Price: $224.00