Titanium Roller Buckle

Each buckle is CNC cut from Grade 2 Titanium and using 316 Stainless pins and screws

Any tool marks, deburring of the parts and all finishing is done entirely by hand with no machines or rotary tools of any kind and each buckle takes approx 3 hours to produce from start to finish.

At this time Aegir Watches will be offering the buckles in 22/24mm options a mat finish.

Shipping is included in the price, though from Australia it takes approx 14 days to Europe or USA.

If buying from the USA, please check out www.toxicnatos.com as Terry is distributing and there is better shipping times.

If Toxicnatos is ”out of stock” then by all means I can send from here.

If buying inside Australia, please contact me, due to our dollar exchange and this site is being in $USD. I will invoice via Paypal and change the price to $AUD.

All the Titanium buckles are a pin size of 2mm.


Price: $60.00

(We are sorry, this item is currently out of stock)