CD-1 update

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Hello Gents,

Summer holiday in Switzerland and Germany, for the watch component companies, so not a lot to tell.

What we did decide before the break, was to make the second hand the same length from the center as the minute hand.
The reason for this is twofold. Time, and cost, but mostly time. To tool for the second hand, is 1200 CHF, but as the minute and hour is already in production, so likely the watch would be held up. This second hand they have already, well the tools at least, so I looked at a lot of watches online and the length of the second vs the minute, is an issue for some style dials, but on the CD-1 it goes past the appliques, and I think it looks fine as it really is not much different to as it is now.

The dial maker does not want to do Blued steel appliques. It sounds like they have had issues in the past, so of course we can not heat blue brass. Chemical blue has a reaction with Super Luminova, so they say. I have never heard of it, but I must listen to them, as they have been doing this longer than I. Shame, as I wanted a Grey dial, with heat Blued appliques and hands for myself.
Hands are no issue, but would not look right, with Blued hands and Rhodium appliques.

So it will have to be a future project. I have already been asked why not change dial makers?
Then I would need new print tools, and date window applique, which costs thousands. The CD-2 was criticized a little for being to costly, and that kind of thing was the reason why. There was 8 new tools for the dial alone, before actually making them, and that was over 10k just for that.  Re-using some, and only having to make 3 new appliques this time, is one of the reasons I can make these first watches cheaper.

Cases are in production, dials are being worked on, hands are too.
Movements are sourced, and as a minimum, Isofrane rubber to ship. I am hoping to have different buckles made in-house by then, but am having trouble to have my CNC guy available, as he is already a full time machinist.
Making something like the Ennebi roller buckle is easy, as this is all 3 axis machining with only one work holding operation, but I think I might get criticism if I just copied that. I have already made a few out of interest only.
Anyway, I am working on that.

As for deposits. Well I know I do not need to ask many on the list anyway, but I want to see how it works as well, and the issues with it.
If the CD-1 is successful,  and I can start with a second production, then I plan to very quickly put another model in the line up, to take the place of the CD-2 watch. And I would try a pre-order on that one.

So what would be helpful guys, if your still keen on the CD-1, please drop me a line confirming that, with desired CD-1 number, and I will fix the list.
As for a deposit date, well no big deal, but maybe end of August would work. I will email each person and give them details.
The date is not overly important, but the new CD-2 dials are coming soon, to build the last remaining cases up, so once they are here, the interest in the CD-1 will be a little more, as there is White and Grey dials.

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