Aegir 05.05.2014The CD-1 has been on the back burner for a long time, and has recently gone through some changes as well.

The dial size was increased over the CD-2, from 30mm to 33mm, and the anti magnetic system is gone to reduce the thickness, now done to just over 13mm. The He valve is also gone, and this is more to do with what has been requested.

On the new renders, the dial and hands are not finished, as these are been worked on now, and the applied markers will be slightly larger, moving up in % to the increase in dial size retaliative to what they are now. What will change on them, is the area of lume, which will have a much greater area. Second hand will have a lume dot on this model, and there will be three dial colours, Black, White, and a Galvanic Grey.  I am working with the the dial maker, and hand company, on matching a darker appliqué and hand set, such as heat blued, or Black Rhodium for use on the White and Grey dials. I am not sure if I will go down this path though, as this time.

The CD-1 will be ready later this year, and will be 24 watches only, in the first production. The second production will not be until mid next year, meaning 2015 delivery. This first run, will be offered on a pre-order, with small deposits of $250 being asked, not to use, but to keep the list more realistic.  The first 24 watches will be offered at the price of $1600 AUD, and this is inclusive of Fedex shipping. After pre-order, they will be $1750 AUD plus $100 AUD shipping.

Bezels will also be Kolsterised on this model,  bringing the hardness to 1000 to 1200 HV0.05

black-silver-001 grey-blue-001 grey-silver-001 white-blue-001 white-silver-001

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